ChemEdge’s extensive experience in integral design and operations provides us a unique capability to diagnose operational issues and design gaps, subsequently developing solutions to optimize these systems.  

  • Initial Assessment, Feasibility, & Opportunity Identification
  • Increase Capacity with Debottleneck Study
  • Optimum Asset Performance Study
  • Improve Plant Performance (Increase Product Recovery)
  • Improve Environmental Impact & Energy Efficiency
  • Process Design Improvement & Modernization
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Improve Equipment Longevity & Plant Reliability
  • Maintain Plant Operation at Best-Efficiency-Point
  • Troubleshoot Plant or Equipment Performance Issues
  • Reconfigure and Modify Plant Design Basis with New Operating Parameters
  • Provide Start-Up Assistance; Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Support; & Operator Orientation; and Process Design Training
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