W. Brent Mealey
P.Eng. - President

Brent obtained his B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1989.  He is a registered Professional Member (P.Eng.) of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and an Associate Member of the Canadian Gas Processors Suppliers Association. The first 25 years of Brent’s career was with Propak Systems Ltd, working in the EPC area of oil and gas, serving as a Process Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, and as a Business Director. He gained experience in sales, marketing, project development, and business development. His solid knowledge base was built in process engineering and design, detailed engineering, project management, technology development, contract negotiations, commissioning, and operations support.

Moving to Enbridge Inc. in 2014, as the Director of the Commercial Integration – Canadian Midstream division, which gave him the opportunity to direct the Midstream business unit’s project development, acquisitions technical due diligence, major project execution and asset operations engineering support.  Three years later, Brent started ChemEdge Engineering Ltd, a Calgary based company specializing in natural gas processing technology, project management, operations support and development of artificial intelligence advanced process control.

He has 28 + years of direct work experience in oil and gas processing on 40+ EPC and EPFCm projects, both as a technical expert and a leader in project designs, execution and integration for many gas process facilities in the USA, Canada, Central and South America, the Middle East, Russia, China, and other Asian countries. Brent has overseen business development, process design and client relations on major natural gas processing projects up to a 2-billion-dollar project value.

Brent is a developer of industry leading and proven process technology in cryogenic turbo expansion NGL recovery and LNG Liquefaction.  He authored a patent for his prior employer, described in “System and Method for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Recovery”, U.S Patent No.6,658,893.  He also has a second US Patent Pending, “Multi-refrigerant Process for Liquefaction of Natural Gas”.

An effective speaker, Brent was a key presenter at NGL Marketing and LNG Export Conference (2013), with “The Effective Development of NGL Extraction and Fractionation Infrastructure”. He is a recognized expert in oil and gas process with a focus of gas processing, NGL & LPG extraction, LNG liquefaction, oil & gas treating, sulphur recovery, liquid fractionation and pipelines; in the process design, project execution and operations of facilities with capacity up to 250,000 BPD and 750 MMSCFD. His extensive experience in facility modularization and integrated project execution strategies that has proven industry leading capital cost metrics and fast-track project schedules.

Anthony Wu
P.Eng. - COO

Tony earned a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering (Honours) at the California State Polytechnical University, California (1977) and an MSc in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering at Colorado School of Mines (1979).  He is an active member of APEGA and was a Permit Holder for 10 years. Tony was also a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE).

Working in the fabrication and EPCM sector of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry since 1980, Tony is an established leader able to consistently deliver results despite challenging circumstances.  At Propak Systems Ltd., Tony acted as the Vice President of Engineering and Managing Director of Asia Operations.  He managed a team of over 200 staff members in Project Management/Engineering, Mechanical/Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Drafting, spanning offices in Calgary, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

Tony achieved significant corporate cost savings and operational flexibility by introducing the set-up of a subsidiary office in Shenzhen, China to handle engineering and drafting.  He advanced engineering and design capabilities by providing fabrication design to full range EPC engineering services. He expanded on- and off-shore products including skid packages, cryogenic LPG recovery plants, and LNG plants, establishing the Heavy Oil Division from conception to operation within six months. He has considerable experience in employing global and extensive modularization strategies in large projects.

He started and expanded the China operation to become one of the top exporters of oil and gas facilities to China; developing a strong executive network among Chinese State-Owned Enterprises by employing his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to bring diverse cultures together.

Excelling in Project Management, Tony implemented a risk mitigation system to minimize the company’s exposure to out-of-control rise in labor and material costs.  He is a devoted professional with excellent business, technical and people skills, who listens, visualizes, and strategizes to bring results.